Enjoy classical music in the dining room, as your spouse listens to jazz upstairs, while your kids listen to Top 40 radio at the pool! Different music in different rooms is not hard to achieve if you consider Multi-Source / Multi-Zone products. The most flexible custom installations control a centrally located A/V system from other rooms in the home or office. At the very least, this includes the ability to simultaneously and independently select and listen to the music from an audio sources in any room in the house.

Multi-Room Video Distribution Systems converts audio/video signals from your VCR, DVD player, satellite, cable, or camera to user-selected channels (UHF or CATV). If you are watching a TV in another room, running back to the VCR or DVD player, or satellite receiver can be difficult and inconvenient. The multi-room video distribution systems have a built-in IR repeater that gives you the ability to remotely control your video devices.

We now offer all digital HDTV distribution systems capable to distribute Audio and Video HD signals to multiple locations over distances up to 200 feet. Ideal for large residential homes as well as restaurants, bars or commercial buildings.

We at Koncept offer complete ranges of multi-room audio/video control systems, multi-channel amplifiers, in-wall/ceiling and outdoor loudspeakers. From volume controls to state-of-the-art multi-room systems, for all types of needs and price ranges, from simple to complex installations, we can provide a system for enhancing every lifestyle.