File Exchange & Printer Sharing

The essence of computer networking is that computers share data or resources.

File and printer sharing, information retrieval, and data storage are the most frequently used network services. Depending on the applications and network structure both: Client-Server and/or Peer-to-Peer architectures may be implemented to best serve your needs. Simple file & printer sharing can be accomplished by peer-to-peer connections where all computers are connected in one workgroup. Usually no more than dozen computers should be used in this type of architecture. When talking about larger network, where many clients request more information at the same time Client-Server architecture with centralized services (Database, Email,) should be considered. Proper architecture should be chosen after carefully analyzing of business requirements including: applications used, process flow and security requirements.

We can help to find right architecture for you, and implement file and printer sharing to achieve cost & time effective data flow in your busine