Media Room is a less expensive and space consuming alternative to dedicated Home Theater and is ideal option for apartments.

Depending upon the size of your current home and your family's media requirements, a media space can be compact or as large as your existing home permits.

Media Room can incorporate many media forms; from watching TV News or sports, DVD movies to browsing digital family photos to even playing video game, everything in one place on one big TV screen.

If your wish is to have an impressive surround sound system coexisting with your family room decor, our experience with room form and function will be comforting to you.

Often areas like these are the most challenging. The selection and positioning of electronics and speaker systems so as to integrate with cabinetry and furniture and not conflict with the d├ęcor require the expertise of a skilled designer.

If your home affords the luxury of a basement and your family's main interest is the home theater, consider converting the basement into a media space. By nature of its location, naturally dark basements may be painted practically any color scheme without having to worry about the interference of natural light and reflections from windows and mirrors that can blot out television screen images.