Structured wiring
offers you the ability to wire your home for
data, telephone, video, audio, alarms, infrared remote control and anything else. Everything is run through the inside of the walls, eliminating visible wires. Rooms can contain enough outlets to give you the maximum use of the wiring, both now and for the future.

This means you can finally put the television anywhere you want, regardless of where the cable comes into the house and you will have the flexibility to expand with your family's future growing needs.

Structured wiring is a concept that anticipates the present and future electronic needs for every room of your household. Structured wiring systems can be thought of as the electronic foundation for your home.

Structured wiring opens many possibilities for your home.
Your televisions can be networked to allow everyone in your house
to watch the same show from a single DVD player. Your computers can be networked to share files, internet connections and even a common printer. Home offices can be built with separate phone lines for voice, fax, modem. Rooms can be prepared for both cable and satellite reception. These are just a few examples.

With proper design and installation, structured wiring will allow easy
maintenance and modifications to existing installations.